Maker Catalogs

CPM Maker

Are you a maker or involved in the maker movement? Download our maker catalogues to learn more about how heat transfer can be used in a maker environment Heat Transfer Printing – How does it work? A quick 1 page overview of how heat transfer printing works. Download Here Heat Transfer Printing as a Prototyping […]

Workshop : Wearable Electronics with Lilypad or Microbit

TTC Workshop

Brief Overview Did you know you can add a microcontroller on a piece of fabric? Get started with wearable electronics in this workshop. Learn about conductive thread, Lilypad and sewable LEDs. Description Participants will learn how to use heat transfer technology together with wearable electronics They will print a sewing pattern on a fabric to […]

Workshop : Design and sew up your own drawstring bag

TTC Workshop

  Brief Overview Get your designer groove on and learn how to take your own design from drawing to product using heat transfer technology and sewing. Description Participants will learn how to: create their own design with Canva, an online software. integrate their design onto textiles using heat transfer technology. sew their design into a […]

Workshop : Etch your own DIY PCB with household products

CPM Workshop

Brief Overview Did you know that heat transfer technology can be used to create a custom PCB board? In addition, the chemicals required to etch the board can be done with household products bought at a regular shopping centre. Description Starting with a blank copper board, participants will first learn how to print the circuit […]

Workshop : Light up a drawstring bag with wearable electronics

TTC Workshop

Brief Overview Spark your wearable electronics journey with this introductory workshop on sewing electronics onto fabric. Participants will get to take home their own lit up drawstring pouch. Description This workshop introduces participants to: Printing designs onto fabric using heat transfer technology. The concepts of basic electronics Sewing an electronic circuit onto fabric. Equipment List […]