User Guide : TTC Transfer Media on white T-Shirt

TTC User Guide

Quick Reference

Temperature : 180°C
Time : 10 secs
Pressure : High
Peel : HOT



STEP 1 : Create your design

Use your favourite design tool to create a design. You can use Adobe photoshop, Illustrator etc… If you can looking for a simple web based design tool, be sure to try out canva

Step 2 : Print your design out

Load a piece of TTC into your colour laser printer. Be sure to set your printer to the correct paper type. If you are unsure which paper type to use, be sure to check our transfer printing paper guide.

Step 3 : Cut away any unwanted areas

Using a Scissors cut away any unwanted surrounding areas.

Step 4 : Time to press your design onto the shirt

Set your heat press to 180°C, 10 secs at high pressure. Place design face down onto the T-Shirt and press for 10secs.

Step 5 : Peel Hot!!

When the time is up, lift up the heat press and peel off the transfer while it is still HOT!!
Congratulations!! You have just printed your own T-Shirt!!

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